The SEAA is one of Singapore’s and the region’s most prestigious environmental awards. For 24 years we have recognised companies that have made sustainability a core value by which they operate.

For Singapore to achieve its goal of becoming not only a zero-waste nation, but achieve net- zero emission, we need the support and co-operation of corporates in Singapore. These awards encourage good corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship by businesses. The winners set an example for other organisations to follow.

The Awards recognise and reward organisations that have exemplary environmental practices. The awards are based on four key criteria:

  • Systems and Management
  • Performance
  • Innovation and Design
  • Leadership and Advocacy

These criteria are the building blocks of a pyramid of sound environmental practice and achievement.

There is a judging committee and a Chairperson who determine which company receives each Award. The judges include sustainability and biodiversity experts, leading environmentalists as well as senior members of the SEC Team. The judging panel are well suited to completing the thorough examination required to determine the winners.

Any company or organisation can apply online here.

The SEAA’s robust and thorough assessment focuses on assessing organisational leadership, real environmental improvements, and the organisation’s ability to establish procedures, train staff and innovate to achieve breakthroughs in environmental performance. It also takes into consideration the organisation’s environmental impact and positive influence over its surrounding communities.

Only the highest ranked company in each category receives an award. Where the Judging Committee feels a company worthy of mention and encouragement, it will approve a Merit Award.

The assessment fees are used to cover the cost of the evaluation process. They range from $1000 for an SME and up to $2,000 for an MNC.

*Subject to prevailing GST

Yes. They have been through an extensive and independent review process that has evaluated their environmental credentials. So they can rightly claim to be among the ‘greenest’ companies in Singapore and the region.