Award Criteria

Recognising Both SMEs & MNCs

The latest figures from the Department of Statistics Singapore show that SMEs make up 99% of our enterprises, employing 70% of our workforce in Singapore.

To recognise more SMEs for their environmental efforts, the SEAA will be a two-tiered approach.

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Two-Tiered Approach

Although the overall criteria remain the same, applicants will be judged in different groups based on their organization size.

For each award, there will be a winner from the MNCs tier as well as a winner chosen from the SMEs tier.

Please indicate in the organizational profile segment of the application form if your company is a Large Organization/MNC or if your company is an SME/Startup.

  • SMEs: At least 30% local shareholding; AND <200 employees OR <100 million turnover
  • Large Organizations: All other companies excluding those who qualify as SMEs

Award Criteria and Weightage

The baseline for evaluation will be the performance criteria. For each award category, the applicant’s performance will be assessed using this baseline, which will then be combined with the other criteria provided. The evaluation criteria included in this interview form are:

  1. Criterion 1: Systems and Management (35%)
  2. Criterion 2: Leadership & Advocacy (34%)
  3. Criterion 3: Innovation and design (31%)


The Outstanding Achievement Award will be given to either the MNC or the SME that scores highest across all four criteria, as detailed by the following points allocation:

  1. Standard Criteria: Performance (23%)
  2. Criterion 1: Systems and Management 28%)
  3. Criterion 2: Leadership & Advocacy (27%)
  4. Criterion 3: Innovation and design (22%)