Award Categories

SEAA award categories are designed to honour businesses, groups, and people who are dedicated to enhancing not only the environment, but society and the economy as well. The award categories foster innovation, promote best practices, and persuade businesses to use environmentally friendly activities by highlighting accomplishments in sustainability. The visibility and recognition also propel recipients in the spotlight, establishing their credibility, improving their reputations, and setting themselves apart from competitors.


Banks or financial institutions that offer financial products and services structured to produce a positive environmental or ESG outcome. This may be demonstrated in the form of sustainability-linked loans, debt mechanisms and/or investments that are used to encourage the development of green projects, demonstrate the best use of green financing to transform their businesses or minimize the organisation’s impact on the climate and society (e.g. addressing scopes 1, 2 and/or 3 of GHG emissions)

Also includes companies/businesses/enterprises that are using the sustainable finance/green loans/ etc offered by the banks to develop sustainable business outcomes. For these types of applicants, their entries also qualifies for the Green Innovation category.


Retail, services, hotels, attractions, property developers and/or malls that promote ESG initiatives in their business operations and how it benefits the stakeholders within their value chain. This could be demonstrated in their sustainability practices to address scopes 1, 2 and/or 3 of GHG emissions; recognise operational opportunities for improvement.


Any organization in maritime, aviation, land and others that have integrated ESG or sustainable technology, development or infrastructure to provide or adopt “cleaner” modes of transportation and promote energy efficiency. This should be demonstrated in achieving positive impact on the environment and people.


Any organization that has put in place sustainable procurement initiatives with the aim to improve overall ESG or environmental performance and avoid negative impact in the processes and products of the supply chain. This should be demonstrated by the successful integration of environmentally responsible principles and benchmarks into supply chain management and accounts for impact on the product design, material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and end-of-life product management among others.


Any organisation which has created and/or adopted innovative products, services or processes that have positive environmental impacts/ reduced the organisation’s negative environmental impacts. Products, services or processes adopted need not be patented but the organisation should display how these innovations are an improvement from the status quo.


Any organisation that has put in place the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches to managing and treating water resources qualifies to apply for the “green innovation – water technologies” award. These innovations must seek to decrease water waste, enhance the quality of the water, and boost water consumption effectiveness. Water solutions are essential for our valuable water resources to be managed sustainably and responsibly. By enhancing access to clean and safe water, these technologies not only contribute to environmental protection but also foster social and economic development by improving access to clean and safe water.


Any local or foreign registered organisation with their main operations, sales and activities in countries outside of Singapore, within the Asia Pacific Region (E.g. ASEAN, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc.)