About SEAA

Introduction to the Awards

The Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards (SEAA) remains one of the most prestigious environmental awards in Singapore and the region today. It recognises the overall environmental stewardship by organisations and is in support of the Singapore Green Plan, which seeks to rally and inspire everyone to take action towards environmental initiatives.

Since its inception in 1997, the SEAA has awarded more than 120 organisations across different industries. Companies that are recognised by the SEAA join an elite pool of organisations from the region that have affirmed their commitment to environmental excellence and the protection of the natural environment.

The criteria for the SEAA focuses on assessing the leadership displayed by the company, the real environmental improvements made as well as the ability of an organisation to establish procedures, train staff and innovate in order to achieve breakthroughs in environmental performance. This is also in line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

The Awards History

The SEAA was officially launched in November 1997, by the then Minister for the Environment Mr Yeo Cheow Tong, with the primary objective of promoting a higher level of environmental awareness among industries.

Over the last decade or so, corporate environmental management has changed significantly.  From the mid to late 1990s, only a few organisations implemented environmental practices sporadically. Today we see many organisations are implementing or have implemented sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, and publicly report their environmental performance. More corporations are also going above and beyond legal requirements.

The Awards Scheme

Through this program, SEC aims to continue to increase the level of environmental performance and awareness amongst organisations operating in Singapore. It also aims to encourage industries to adopt a more proactive approach towards managing the environment by identifying environmental advocates through the respective SEAA winners.

This is in support of the Singapore Green Plan which charts the country’s way forward towards a more sustainable future to support the diverse needs and growing aspirations of Singaporeans. The Green Plan seeks to change the way people work, study and play. It is a wide-ranging plan that cuts across all sectors of society involving People, Public and Private to create a better home, a better environment, and a better future that we can all be proud of.

SEAA recognises and rewards organisations that have exemplary environmental practices and examines these four key aspects:

  1. Systems and Management
  2. Performance (Environmental)
  3. Leadership & Advocacy
  4. Innovation and Design

These criteria are the building blocks of a pyramid of sound environmental practice and achievement. At the base are minimal expectations which move up to the leadership element which demonstrates an organisation’s depth of commitment and understanding in the environmental sphere.