Part A – Greening Your Campus: Environmental Audit Questionnaire

  • Part A is an audit questionnaire that reviews a schools’ efforts and its initiatives within the campus, in relation to various environmental aspects. It is used to track schools’ environmental performance year-on-year.
  • Part A is assessed using a multiple-choice format which requires the provision of supporting details for selected questions.
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Part B – Environmental Project 

  • Part B focuses on a student environmental project that aims to raise awareness about any environmental issue of their choice.
  • The project should be aligned to the SGA 2022 Theme: Future Changemakers and showcase students’ creativity in addressing their chosen environmental issue.
  • The project MUST address at least one of the 5 key pillars in the Singapore Green Plan 
    • City in Nature – Biodiversity and Greenery
    • Sustainable Living – Saving Resources
    • Energy Reset
    • Green Economy
    • Resilient Future

To be considered valid, projects should be currently ongoing or completed during 2022. Tell us what you did, how the project was done and how it helped to address any of the 5 Pillars of the Green Plan 2030. Through this component, participating green teams will develop vital skills such as project management, time management, creativity, problem-solving and communication skills while gaining a deeper knowledge of the environment.

 The assessment criteria for Part B is as follows:

(Project Definition)
  • Description of a problem or idea identified based on the this year’s theme.
  • Demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the chosen topic.
  • Choice of topic and how unique or in-depth the identified problem is.
  • The depth of research conducted to better understand the extent of the problem.
Campaign/Solution (Planned Execution)
  • Description of how the campaign would address the problem.
  • Documents key findings, main highlights and resources that will be used.
  • Creativity, innovation and platforms that will be used to carry out the campaign
  • Description of effectiveness and expected outcome from the project.
  • Explanation of how the project would create a positive environmental impact.
  • Identify any possible future improvements to make.

This section will be based on the project outcome or expected results depending on the chosen option.


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