Schools should answer both Part A and Part B in order to score the most points possible to achieve one of the SGA tiered level awards. Part A accounts for 50% of the overall SGA score, while Part B accounts for the remaining 50%. Both parts are scored based on a point system. We will also take into consideration the supporting materials provided as attachments.

The SGA Assessment Committee may also carry out an on-site Audit for selected schools as part of the verification and selection of winners.

Yes, you can! If your school has carried out environmental initiatives with the community in the last 1 year and intend to continue running it, please share it with us! It does not need to be a completely new activity, although it would be nice to see how creative your ideas can be for this year.

The assessment period for 2023 will be for activities that have taken place between October 2023 to date. Schools’ submission of answers and projects should have taken place within this time frame.

There is no limit to the number of individuals in the green team!

Teachers can pick a few key individuals from the green/environment club to take charge of the project. Alternatively, a whole class could also represent the school with their outreach project.

We have implemented a word limit to the questions in Part B to ensure that all schools will submit a fair amount of information as best as possible. Please try to revise your answer to fit the word limit, or include more pictures in the supporting documents to better explain your school’s project.

On top of innovation, knowledge and creativity, the SGA is also focused on IMPACT and OUTREACH. The more people your project touches within the community, the better your chances of attaining a higher score. Share your knowledge with as many people in the community as possible, and inspire them as Future Changemakers.

Part A is a Google Form that consolidates the day-to-day environmental efforts of your school, outside of your Environmental Project. This includes your school’s utilities, sustainability training for teachers and students, and recycling efforts. All supporting evidence should be compiled into one supporting document not exceeding 100MB in size, and attached at the end of the form. (e.g. Utility bill, Air Conditioner temperature, pictures of water saving devices etc.)

The form will also allow you to edit your answers anytime, even after pressing “Submit”. SEC will only take the final submission after the deadline.

You can access the Part A Questionnaire here.

Download Part B here.

We greatly appreciate the feedback we’ve received. If there are a significant amount of requests, it is something we definitely will consider.

 We seek your understanding, and look forward to receiving your submission on time.