Schools should answer both Part A and Part B in order to score the most points possible to achieve one of the SGA tiered level awards. Part A accounts for 50% of the overall SGA score, while Part B accounts for the remaining 50%. Both parts are scored based on a point system. We will also take into consideration the supporting materials provided as attachments.

The SGA Assessment Committee will also be carrying out an on-site Audit for selected schools as part of the verification and selection of winners.

You may refer to the SGA Framework for more information.

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Yes, you can! If your school has carried out environmental initiatives with the community in the last 1 year and intend to continue running it, please share it with us! It does not need to be a completely new activity, although it would be nice to see how creative your ideas can be for this year.

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The assessment period for 2022 will be for activities that have taken place in 2022. Schools’ submission of answers and projects should have taken place within this time frame.

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There is no limit to the number of individuals in the green team!

Teachers can pick a few key individuals from the green/environment club to take charge of the project. Alternatively, a whole class could also represent the school with their outreach project.

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We have implemented a word limit to the questions in Part B to ensure that all schools will submit a fair amount of information as best as possible. Please try to revise your answer to fit the word limit, or include more pictures in the supporting documents to better explain your school’s project.

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For group activities, it is the responsibility of the teachers and schools to ensure that safe management measures are taken and are in compliance with the regulatory standards set by the authorities.   

This includes temperature-taking, as well as mask-wearing at all times – except when engaging in strenuous activities. Teachers are to adhere to the recommended group size as stipulated by the authorities, with 1m spacing between each individual. Teachers are also to ensure no mingling between groups throughout the activities, and keep activities to a maximum of two hours, if possible.

Category: 2022 FAQs