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GreenDNA is a certification system by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), a UNEP-recognised organisation, that encodes green practices into the DNA of organisations and individuals, to adopt a Low Carbon Lifestyle, incorporating a green mindset of using One Less, and practising Responsible Consumption & Production, for effective changes in green resource management and business processes, advocating a circular economy to fight global climate crisis.

The GreenDNA certification requires a reduction in carbon emission which is calculated taking close reference to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO 14064 standards.

The GreenDNA certificate is provided to organisations and government agencies who successfully complete all fulfillments of GreenDNA, which encompass SEC’s programmes such as Training & Education, Awards & Outreach and Eco-Certifications which is an integral component of the GreenDNA.

More than 20 companies have also attended our Eco Ambassador Training Programme (EATP), where their staff are empowered with the necessary knowledge and expertise to reduce waste, lower the impact of their corporate carbon footprint, as well as to champion sustainability within and beyond their organisations.

In line with SEC’s mission to foster lasting societal and environmental values for environmental sustainability, to date, about 20 companies have embarked on such exploratory walking trails and experiential green learning journey.

Successful organisations are also awarded the GreenDNA certificate of accreditation.

One Less

Did you know supermarket shoppers in Singapore take enough plastic bags a year to cover Gardens by the Bay 126 times over? That’s an average of 146 plastic bags per person! Just by going one less with the bags and other resources we consume at home and in the workplace, we can make a positive impact for future generations!

Low Carbon Lifestyle

Singapore contributed just 0.11% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but ranks 27th out of 142 countries in terms of emissions per capita. As a global financial and trading hub, we must do our share to lead the way in reducing our emissions and carbon footprints. We can take that first step by taking public transport to work as a habit, or even #SupportLocal by consuming locally-grown food together with your colleagues!

Responsible Consumption and Production

Not sure which products are eco-friendly and sustainably produced? Look out for products carrying the Singapore Green Label when you shop for your office supplies! These products have met with our stringent criteria to be awarded the label. Now you can shop with confidence, knowing that you’re playing your own part for the environment.

Why GreenDNA?



Enjoy tangible cost savings from reduction in resource use.



Build trust and reputation through voluntary actions in a connected and unforgiving world, Gain recognition for your commitment and leadership in driving sustainability action



Begin a journey to mitigate exposure against physical and transition risks arising from threat of climate change. Stay competitive by aligning with consumer, legislative and public expectations. Future-proof your business against imminent environmental pressures.

What Can Businesses Do?

Make a conscious choice about what you buy by opting for products that are sustainably sourced and recyclable. Opt for environmentally-friendly products that have been endorsed and certified based on internationally-recognised and stringent standards.

Lead by example by taking a conscious effort to reduce carbon footprint through lifestyle adaptation. Turn off the electricity when not in use or when you are the last to leave the office. Reduce carbon emissions by advocating sustainable message as well as through procuring and using environmentally-friendly products.

Transit and adapt lifestyle and environmental consciousness to make a difference and take decisive climate action. Be inspired, equipped and engaged through themed talks, experiential environmental trails, and workshops. Learn why environmental sustainability is important, and how you can implement sustainable changes at home and at work.

8 Building Blocks

SEC recognises that organisational commitment and engagement are key to the implementation of any sustainable workplace initiatives. It is with this in mind that GreenDNA builds itself upon eight building blocks.

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Readiness Assessments

SEC first conducts a readiness assessment to assess where the organisation stands in terms of organisational sustainability.

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Eco Committee

Embracing GreenDNA requires full participation of all within the organisation, over a sustained period. By setting up a cross-functional committee, diverse stakeholders’ perspectives can be represented and each member will also have ample opportunities to take ownership of initiatives and contribute towards positive organisational impact.

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Eco Policy

A policy is a statement that expresses an organisation’s formal commitment to embark on a GreenDNA journey of sustainability.

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Eco Action Plan

To translate commitment into impactful outcomes, SEC will guide organisations in developing an action plan to outline their goals & targets, required resources and activities that employees can embark on to bring them closer to achieving their objectives.

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Training & Education (T&E)

An enabler of sustainability, SEC aims to support organisations with their efforts to engage employees on a personal level through learning and knowledge-building activities. By advocating a ‘Learn It – Experience It – Do It’ sequence, SEC seeks to reinforce learning and spark employees’ desire to take action as eco ambassadors.

Our T&E activities include talks on low-carbon lifestyles and adopting the 5Rs of waste minimisation, which are delivered through interactive, engaging learning journeys to destinations such as materials recovery facilities, Incineration Plants, and Pulau Semakau.

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Eco Office Plus Certification

Once GreenDNA is seeded within the organisation, companies are encouraged to jump on-board the Eco-Office Plus certification process, which provides a self-guided eco-sustainability checklist. Eco Office has been enhanced to introduce a tier system consisting of the Premium, Professional, Champion, and Elite tiers. This system allows companies to monitor, improve and progress in their sustainability efforts over time.

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Health Check

For clients of SEC Eco-Office Plus Certification, SEC will conduct Health Check to jointly review the effectiveness of the organisation’s efforts over the past year, identifying environmental gaps, and discuss areas of improvement.

Organisations will also be able to connect with SEC via the Eco Office Plus “E-Concierge Service” where they will be guided on queries regarding greening their office environments.

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Impact Reporting

Through impact reporting, organisations will be able to track the impact of their operations, plug gaps in performance and communicate the progress of their efforts with stakeholders.


Why should my organisation sign up?

With growing slew of legislative measures introduced to encourage transparency and waste reduction, companies are fast warming up to the importance of sustainable business practices. SEC GreenDNA therefore offers keen company with a platform to kick-start or step up with efforts to green their organisations on a voluntary basis. In signing up for the programme, you join a like-minded community of sustainability-driven organisations who believe that businesses can do their part to combat climate change.

Who can adopt GreenDNA? Is it just for large organisations?

Big or small, any organisation can stand to benefit from adopting SEC GreenDNA. Going green is never the obligation of large organisations only.​ Instead of “imposing” a set of requirements on an organisation, SEC would begin by conduct a readiness assessment to understand where the organisation stands in terms of organisational sustainability. This will also determine if they are ready to embark on the GreenDNA journey

Why a committee? Will smaller organisations face any challenge with implementing GreenDNA?

Fostering a GreenDNA is not an overnight effort. Having a cross-functional committee set up will help represent more diverse viewpoints. Each member can also be tasked with different roles & responsibilities to take commitment further and sustain efforts across the organisation.

How is SEC GreenDNA different from other programmes?

As making change can be a tall order, we have introduced SEC GreenDNA to enable organisations to adopt a green mind-set and set in place the basic building blocks for a sustainable workplace. To do so, SEC GreenDNA aims to provide them with the tools for action planning towards a sustainable journey. These are critical enablers for deep change which will stand a better chance of being sustained over time.

What kind of support can I expect?

SEC GreenDNA supports you throughout the sustainability journey. All SEC Eco Office Plus clients enjoy a Health Check at the annual mark of their certification. Should you face any query on your sustainability journey, please reach us at eco-office@sec.org.sg for our concierge support.

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