Awards Application


Applicant Duties & Responsibilities


  1. The applicant is expected to provide additional information upon request by the Assessment Committee (AC) in their assessment of the application form.
  2. The shortlisted applicant is to provide site access, allow interviews with key personnel, provide innovative product/ technology and audit quality evidence of the environmental performance for the on-site assessment by AC. Any follow-up requests for documents and information after the site assessment should be submitted within 3 working days.
  3. The shortlisted finalist is to release any non-proprietary information (including organisation logo, brand name, and individual profile) to be used in the promotion of the winning initiatives through the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards ceremony and SEC Conference Day 2021.


Application Fees

Application for the SEAA is free, only shortlisted applicants will be charged an Assessment Fee from $700 to $1,500

The Assessment Fee is to defray SEC’s operating and overhead costs for the review and assessment by technical experts. 

  • Review of application forms and supporting documents by the Assessment Committee
  • Virtual Presentation by shortlisted applicants 
  • Site Visit to verify the organisation’s environmental commitment and performance

Award Entitlements

  • SEAA Award & Certification
  • Join the ranks of green elite business in SEAA’s Hall of Fame 
  • Awards presentation by Ms Grace Fu, Minister of Sustainability and Environment 
  • Branding opportunities across a variety of platforms